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    Bizsoft HRM
    HR Management the easy way
    The best way to manage all the information surrounding
    your most valuable asset - your employees. Learn more
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    Comprehensive Modules
    with flexible tools and options
    Bizsoft is packed with powerful modules and features,
    to make your HR management easy, flexible and scalable. Learn more
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    Remote Fuel Level Monitoring System
    Safeguard your fuel and prevent theft during usage and refills.
    Stay on top of things by knowing how much fuel is available at any given time. Learn more
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    Customisable Alarm triggers
    and notifications
    Easily set alarms which will cause
    a notification to be automatically sent out
    once triggered. Learn more
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    Intelligent Reports
    and analytics
    Get access to a wide range
    of reports which help you visualise your
    fuel usage and spot trends. Learn more
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    Timely and Reliable
    Support and Customer Services
    From implementation, training to after-sales
    services, our in-house experts are readily available
    to make your project a success. Learn more